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Conference and Network Partners

Why choose anzuk?

At anzuk Executive, we see a bright landscape for the future of leadership in education. We work with the best existing and emerging talent, providing career mentoring and enhancing leadership capacity across the education sector.

Our Networks

We have extensive and meaningful relationships across the education sector both in Australia and abroad. Being in regular communication with these educators enables us to advise and mentor them in the navigation of their career pathways. This active and passive talent represent the current and future leaders in education. 

A Collaborative Approach

Our active and collaborative approach, combined with our expertise in driving highly effective search processes, ensures you can be confident in engaging us to source and find alignment with key leadership talent. We understand the complexity of such an appointment and through working with you, will be able to source leaders who meet key stakeholder expectations who align with your culture.

Executive Education Profiler

Our executive search process brings together talent, leadership, knowledge and networks to provide you with the right leaders. Our Executive Education Profiler is a set of competencies we use to build a role profile that represents the behaviours, skills and capabilities needed to perform effectively as a key leader in your school.

Education Leaders Framework

Our Education Leaders Framework, based on the key competencies of AITSL principal and leadership standards, is a unique tool designed to identify the multiple dimensions of a senior or executive level educator. This is utilised throughout the process to provide structure to sourcing, through to assessment, and appointment. 

Deputy Principal- Gippsland Grammar

Applications are warmly invited for the position of Deputy Principal at Gippsland Grammar. This is an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic, caring and experienced educational leader who is a strategic thinker and committed to making a positive difference to the lives of students, staff and families within the Gippsland Grammar Community. Commencing January 2024, the successful Deputy Principal will work closely with the Leadership Team, Wellbeing Team and Teaching and Learning Team, they are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operational management and educational leadership of the School, ensuring alignment with the School’s culture and values.

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Executive Search

Our Executive Search team shares a combined experience of over 200 years in education. We utilise a multi-channel search strategy to leverage our extensive professional network and connections in the Australian and International education sector, including both passive and active talent. We all share a common goal and responsibility to work together to strengthen teacher capacity and educational outcomes of the students in our care. Collectively we are helping shape the minds of the future.

Partnering with anzuk, we ensure our schools and educators are delivered unparalleled service, always.

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Simply fill in your details below and select a time. A member of our executive team will be in contact with you. Alternatively please feel free to call our National Head of Executive, James Mundy on 0422 228 164 or our Lead Executive Consultant, Brendan Fraser on 0438 618 604.

One of the distinctive features of anzuk is the efforts they take to ensure they understand our College’s mission and culture, which means they always submit candidates that align with us as a College. This has led to the recruitment of teachers and leaders who embody, or readily adapt to, our core beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour which only further enhances our community. The anzuk team can always be relied upon to present high-capacity leaders and teachers for positions, ensuring a competitive recruitment process.

Rose Connolly – Deputy Principal, Learning and Innovation, Emmanuel College